Will you feel happy when you succeed?

What is it you are trying to succeed at?  Without a clear definition of what your success will look like, a  focused action plan and consistent work, your journey to success could be a long one.  If you aren’t happy on that journey you could become discouraged before you reach your goal.  Is it the goal that will make you happy or the experience while achieving the goal?

Too often we work long hours, lose sleep, eat on the run, ignore the need for exercise, miss time with our families, all in the pursuit of success.  The journey takes its toll on our health, relationships and bank account, all for the belief that entrepreneurs make millions.

Don’t lose sight of what your focus is, why, and how you plan to succeed. Manage your time and maintain your health, relationships and what is important to you.  Be happy in the process of succeeding or you will never be happy.

You matter.  Your health matters, for once it is gone you have nothing.  Your relationships matter, for the people who care about you are the ones you want to succeed for.

Life is all about balance.  We only have this moment, right now.  The past has been and the future may or may not come.  You will never feel happy if you can’t appreciate and enjoy the moments of joy right in front of you.

What will success mean if you no longer have your health, anyone to enjoy your success with or the appreciation of what it is?

Take time to eat healthy, exercise, enjoy time away from work, and get the right amount of sleep and you will discover many successes along the way to what you hope to succeed at.


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