Why working in partnerships and joint ventures work

If you think you can work from home, be your own boss, and become successful without any assistance I guarantee it will take longer, be harder, and be less profitable than if you work with a team, hire professionals in areas you aren’t great at, and joint venture with others that compliment you.

I am the first to commend entrepreneurs for believing in themselves. Confidence is essential in business. I believe everyone should follow their passion and be creative. Self employed is a great solution and profitable for many, not for everyone though.  If you think it’s for you, I recommend you work with professionals and accept knowledgeable advice from experts.  As a business owner we can’t know everything and be professional and efficient in all areas of our business.  If you want to be successful, become proficient and expert at what you enjoy.  If you are happy doing what you are doing it will be evident with your customers or clients.  If you hire, joint venture or work with a team of experts then you will be recognized as a professional business.  When you use your time wisely and let others do the same you will save time and money.

They say they can’t afford to hire professionals so they struggle through the process doing the best they can to save money.  The truth is they aren’t saving anything.  They are actually losing time and money, while becoming frustrated and discouraged.

Don’t spend your time (which is valuable and worth $$) when experts can do it in half the time.  The majority of entrepreneurs who are successful already have experience, a team of experts, and money backing them.

This brings me to designing your business plan.  EVERY business needs a specific, planned and designed business plan to succeed!  I have coached people through the business planning process and it takes time, lots of work, and research.  Is it necessary? YES. Is it worth the time? YES.  With business coaching I will set you on the right track to clearly planning your future in business with a solid foundation, offer an opportunity to align with a legal team to answer legal questions, and set you on the right path with your accounting needs.  Commitment, consistency, persistence and business basics are the style in which I coach.  Contact me and decide if “doing it right” is the way you choose to start your future to success.

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