Tribe Syndication

Technology and communication at your fingertips, who would have thought?  In the past year I have come from minimal knowledge of how to operate a computer to spending the majority of my hours every day learning, networking and syndicating with hundreds of new friends around the world.

I suppose for many of you that are reading this you don’t find that news worthy, but from this baby boomer mom it’s incredible.  Younger generations being raised with this technology take it for granted, and certainly are very adept at learning the ins and outs of getting around in the community forums and google. But, for me personally I find myself completely amazed at the opportunities, and even at myself beginning to talk the talk of blogging, tweeting, facebook, youtube, linkedin, even email was new to me recently.  From what I have seen and learned this past year there is virtually no excuse for not finding your passion, or earning an income. What you can imagine, you can create – very much the definition of the law of attraction – visualize, focus, believe, and trust and you will attract.

In this past year I have been able to take numerous courses, some which will give me certification, others that have given me extensive up-to-date knowledge that even universities and colleges are not teaching as yet. I have many fabulous friendships that I believe will last a lifetime, and I have enjoyed every moment.  I found my purpose, my passion, my calling, what gives me happiness in doing with and for others.  I have joined groups, communities and tribes that have the same determination, dedication, and passion in many different niches, but with the same goals.  Goals that are aligned with their inner spirit, people with integrity, and the desire to share, give all that the know and enjoy what they do.  When you love what you do, and have the heart to share then learning and working is fun.  As we connect and establish relationships we syndicate (advertise each others products and services).  Find your passion, meet like-minded people with similar interests, learn from one another, and make money doing it, does it get any better?

As you see my blog that the empowered tribe built for me, for less money than I have seen anywhere, and support at my finger tips follow me for future posts.  Gradually you will get to know more about me, more about social media opportunities for syndicating and learning from the best of the best and who knows what I may come up with.  I am having so much fun here that I could come up with anything!

No excuses! Be passionate, be honest with integrity, be authentic and start blogging.  Find your Joy!

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