The costly mistake of spamming

An expensive error many entrepreneurs are making online today would never be accepted in the offline marketplace. Would you ever enter a retail store and announce at the top of your voice that you represented Company XYZ and all the customers should immediately head over to such and such a location?

Business professionals don’t yell out there sales while in a competitors store, so why do those leaving comments of no value and links spamming back to their site which has no relevance be acceptable?

Leaving general comments and linking back to your sales site to gather traffic is a costly mistake too many businesses are making.  My response is to immediately delete the comment just as I would tell someone to leave my store.

The successful entrepreneurs understand the need to establish rapport and trust with their customers.  They have the desire of wanting to give value and service.  They want their customers to recommend their service as being the best they’ve ever experienced.

How you talk to your customers, greet them and extend your service above and beyond is what leaves a lasting impression.

Competition is healthy in business.  It keeps a balance and creates diversity.  It is development to strive to be better and learn from mistakes.  Competition allows customers a choice of who they feel more aligned with.

Spend time on being better, offering more and while working your passion being compassionate.  I welcome comments but be warned they will not stay on my site if they are not genuine.  My customers deserve more!

My success is felt when I know I have given all I can and more in service to others.  How do you measure success?

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