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Disney Snaps

IMG_7600Can we all just admit we want to be in Disneyland right now? Okay, now let’s just pretend we actually are there with a few snippets of one of my day this past week when I got to be 5 years old again. IMG_7512IMG_7544 IMG_7563 IMG_7570 IMG_7573  IMG_7580IMG_7581  IMG_7605IMG_7612 IMG_7614 IMG_7628IMG_7577


Playing Tourist: Old Town Pasadena


With the unofficial beginning of summer (I’m looking at you, Memorial Day weekend), comes all the other unofficial beginning of summer traditions. I’ve already eaten my fair share of cherries and Mexican frozen paletas. It’s looking like Los Angeles will have its first massive heat wave this week (100 degree high on Wednesday!) which of course means it’s time for all of us to start griping for Autumn. And, confession time, I already began listening to Christmas carols this week. Is it holiday season yet?

LA offers many shopping treasures in its many cities, one being Old Town Pasadena. It offers the feel of a charming small town shopping center, but with some big brand names. It has all the cute small coffee shops (try Intelligentsia!), and frozen treat stops you’d want, along with their Sunday farmers market, which actually features live music. Yes, I could’ve taken images of these more visually appealing sounding scenes, but for whatever reason I chose the “bricks and plants” route. I wish I could say I was surprised but I always somehow end up with s good share of bricks and plants photos. Go figure. So please, enjoy these bricks and these plants!


pasadena-5 pasadena-4



On Moving To A New City


I constantly feel bombarded with those “inspirational” posts. You know, those do something new, drink more water, stop eating processed food with artificial coloring and all things related to poison type of posts. Well, I was one of the few stupid ones that actually went along with them. Ugh, that’s right, I was one of those people. Horrible, I know.

I moved to a new city, and “moved” is still questionable. The thing is, sometimes only inspiration comes and actually doing the feat doesn’t come. And you think, well maybe if you’d only go through with it, you could feel accomplished afterwards. The few times I’ve done something like this, it’s quite the opposite. It’s pretty terrifying the whole way through.

I thought I’d feel more settled after graduating college, and that was the point that I felt most clueless, even with a degree. I’ve taken the leap and am trying out a new city with new people. I guess I should be happy about pushing new boundaries, but being in my twenties and in that constant state of uncertainty doesn’t help. Also, I don’t know where to get the good coffee in this place. Feeling lost and without caffeine is not a good combination.