Are You a Good Liar?


I was listening to this podcast and one certain trick caught my attention: telling a good liar from a bad liar. It’s simple. Try it, or ask your friends and see which ones are more prone to telling believable lies.

So how does it work? Hold your dominant hand up and draw a capital Q on your forehead. That’s it. You’re done.

Now, did you draw the tail of the Q towards your right or left shoulder? Drawing the tail towards the right shoulder indicates that you’re a low self monitor, or, you guessed it, a bad liar. However, drawing the tail towards the left shoulder shows a high self monitor, also known as a good liar. This way, the person facing the drawer can see the letter Q. These high self monitors are better at observing others and more aware at how others perceive them. Also, according to Business Insider, they’re more likely to be extroverts.

Where’d you land on the good liar test? I, myself, am a bad liar, which is both true on this test and in the real world.