Bookshelf Styling


I moved into my place about three months ago, but it’s just now starting to actually feel like home. I’m still constantly moving things around and have knick knacks scattered around but it is starting to feel a bit more put together. In one corner of my bedroom, I have a long standing bookshelf and though it does add more depth to the room with its height, it doesn’t have much space to put things in. Originally, I’d wanted this type of bookshelf:

alaina-kaczmarski-home-tour-jenn-gaudreau-living-bar-2_0Image via TheEveryGirl // Similar bookshelf here

I saw the one I currently have in an estate sale for $8 (?!) and couldn’t pass it up. After cleaning it, it seems to do the job fine and I’m glad I could add more than just books, though I don’t think I’m quite done styling it yet. It’s been an evolving process so far.IMG_8438IMG_8428 IMG_8431IMG_8421


Autumn Candles


How is is that SoCal has still not registered that it is late September and Autumn begins in two days? I understand this part of the globe does not believe in four seasons, but still, it’s always nice to open your mind to new ideas and beliefs, okay LA? Okay. Even though SoCal is stubbornly insistent that it must remain summer outside, the inside of my home will definitely start feeling the coming fall weather, beginning with candles.

I am gradually transitioning to more autumnal scents, as two of my favorite candles still have summer-themed aromas. These are two from Target, and I highly recommend: Cucumber Water and Melon Mint. I’d describe them, but really, their titles say it all. The Melon Mint does smell sweeter than the Cucumber Water, while the latter does has a fresher scent than the former.


The three more autumnal candles are all from Bath & Body Works (because what else, amiright?). I wasn’t quite sure which of their massive collection to purchase, so I opted for two of their medium candles to give them a try. The Autumn candle is probably my favorite and it’s described in their packaging as a “crisp fragrance that celebrates classic autumn in red delicious apple, rich cedar wood and green basalm.” If walking outside on a crisp fall morning had a scent, this would be it. No kidding. The second one I picked up was Pumpkin Pie, which is described as  “delicious autumnal blend of creamy pumpkin, whipped vanilla, and flaky pie crust that’s as sweet as your pumpkin pie.” Now I don’t know who Bath & Body had working for them, but that description delivers. It is a lot sweeter than the Autumn candle, and for my preference, too sweet to be in another room besides the kitchen. There, it’s perfect.


Marshmallow Fireside is easily one of my favorites. I believe this belongs more in their winter range. I actually found it in storage from last year, though I have been burning it nonstop so I’ll need to be replacing it soon. It’s described as a “sweet-tasty end to a long cole day.” Though this one also smells more sweet than spicy, it doesn’t remind me so much of actual food as the Pumpkin Pie one.

I’ve been loving the variety of scents this year so I’m excited to see what I’ll pick up next, although I hope that by then LA has at least gotten an idea of what “cold” is supposed to feel like.


Rose Gold Interiors


I usually attempt to stray away from trends as they apply to interiors, but I can’t help but love this new rose gold thing that’s going on. Call it copper, rose gold, whatever, it’s still so aesthetically pleasing. Like I said, I try not to splurge on interiors for trends that may soon fade, but I am incorporating little bits of home accents that still have the same effect when entering a room. Here are a few images I’m currently inspired by.





Credits: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

Bedroom Envy

bed 1

Sometimes all I want to see is a room in its simplest form. It’s complicated, really, because when it comes to interiors I do love the process of design and layout and color palettes and detail and whatnot. Other times, though, I’m more drawn in by rooms like these; rooms that aren’t meant to be admired but just lived in.

bed 4 bed 2 bed 3

bed 5

All images via Tumblr.