Stress, anxiety & worry cause dis-ease

If you’ve ever been diagnosed with a ‘condition’ or illness that your physician says is stress-related how did it make you feel? As a patient the mere diagnosis can feel devastating, mainly because it’s overwhelming because only you can do anything about it. No prescription or easy solution to ‘fix it’ and usually not even any advice as to what you can do about it.
I’ve had shingles (stress-related), fibromyalgia (stress-related) and suffered for years from migraine headaches which I was told were the result of stress. I don’t think of myself as a stressful individual. I’m not an angry person. I am caring, considerate and sympathetic, often traits of people who suffer from stress. Care-givers, thoughtful, caring and considerate people often take on the pain and stress of their family, friends and patients. They want to help and believe by being supportive and empathetic they can take the problems away for others who suffer.
The truth is: Only the person with the problem can fix the problem. Stress is the result of under-lying problems or issues of our mind causing physical symptoms. It’s our bodies way of telling us we are out of alignment. There ARE ways to resolve it.

Despite the fact, in my experience anyway, that physicians tend to dismiss the suffering stress can cause and don’t offer any solutions there are many ways to alleviate stress.

Too bad so many suffer from stress when there are solutions! Our bodies comprise of body, mind and soul and should be healed as such.

Our North American medical systems need to be more holistic. It’s unfortunate that there is such an imbalance as to who receives help and who doesn’t, which all comes down to money and knowledge. There are many ways to lessen stress that don’t cost anything when you know how to use them. They are not harmful. They are not drugs. Everyone should have access to them.
If you suffer from pain and have been told it’s stress-related or what you’ve been doing isn’t working consider a consultation with me. I am not a physician, counselor, therapist or medical professional. I have experienced the frustration of suffering in pain alone. I have alleviated my pain and proven the prognosis of my ‘disease’ to be wrong. I am certified as a life coach and choose to inform people of options that could help them. I choose to empower myself to feel happier, healthier and free of pain.

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