Recession empowers entrepreneurs to discover success

There are a lot of people feeling very nervous about the future and their financial sustainability. Blame is being thrown around like popcorn popping without a lid on the pot. Those who have had it good for a long time with a full portfolio of investments are not feeling secure. The truth appears to be their world is unbalanced.  Some entrepreneurs are earning millions in these tough times. Does this make you angry in the belief that there is no equality?

A mentor and extraordinary coach I follow, Eva Gregory sent me an email this morning with an attached video that spins the perspective of life very nicely.

Life is like coffee click on the blue letters to see.

Coffee or tea, whichever you choose and however you perceive this video is likely how you perceive the world and your current situation. In this economy there are opportunities galore if you are willing to reach out, do some inner work, spend time and yes, even some money with persistence you can create all you desire with the right attitude. For years it has been said “create multiple streams of income” and those who listened are reaping the benefits.

So are you going to continue complaining and blaming others for your position in life or will you sit down quietly with a cup of coffee, contemplate what feels right for you and commit right now to make the best of life?

There is tons of free training on the web to get started. Heck, just look around this website and get some ideas on creating your own business. Go to You Tube and search for the topic you are interested in and get inspired to put your own personal spin on it. You can create blogs for free and pay a minimal fee for hosting after purchasing a domain name. You can become an affiliate for other people’s products and just by promoting stuff you use and like receive a commission for the referrals.

There are no excuses, there is no one to blame. You were gifted with a brain and the free will to make choices. Make the decisions that empower you to be all you desire to be. Start right now.

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