Persistence, Consistency & Perseverance

All luck aside, any “SMART” goal worth attaining & appreciating requires specificity, measurement, be attainable, realistic and easily tracked.  In other words, set goals you really feel you want for a reason that inspires you enough to work towards achieving, and can be appreciated when accomplished.  Visualize your goal as though you have achieved it and allow yourself to get excited about the results so you can stay focused with the end result in mind.  Post pictures of what it will look like when achieved, or write out your appreciation ahead of time.

Most achievements appreciated have taken persistence, consistent perseverance, and learning along the way.  If they were easy you’d already have them!
If you’re an entrepreneur or simply working towards your desires without support – stop often, assess, and appreciate what you are gaining in the process.  Even set-backs are an achievement because when you appreciate them you learn not to repeat them.  Take away what you’ve gained from the lesson and continue to focus on moving forward.
Reward yourself often.  Share your experience with someone who encourages you, not those who discourage.  Align yourself with people who have walked the same journey and ask for advice or support.  People may not know you need help, or want support unless you ask.  Most are more than willing to assist.
Make wise choices that have been well thought out as to who, what or where you require assistance.  Be willing to pay for worthwhile knowledge that will attract results faster.  Don’t be over-whelmed with information.  Take what you need, in the right moment that will help you to stay on track with your progress.  Know your limits and stay within them.  Don’t spend energy on regrets or blame.  Empower yourself with optimism!
Doing business by yourself, as an entrepreneur requires a level of support unless you are extremely self-motivated. The more you can keep focused on short-term goals, appreciate your progress, know what you need when you need it and hire help from professionals that have the experience & expertise to support you to succeed quickly the faster you’ll see results.
Strategic planning, budgeting, getting necessary legal advice, coaching, marketing plan, are all necessary components for a successful business.  You can achieve anything you set your heart on if you take the time to plan, consistently take action, ask for help, and persistently continue working on it.

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