Niche Marketing

Do you struggle with what your niche may be?  You want to make money online with social media or networking marketing but you don’t know what you are passionate about or how to define your niche.

Questions to ask yourself?

  • When I most happy, what am I doing when I am happy?
  • Where is my experience, and do I enjoy that area of expertise?
  • Who do I most enjoy being around, and why?

Try to answer these questions with complete honesty as this is for you. Dream big, without limitation.Take each question and start writing your answers without thought of right or wrong, can or can’t, just let the answers flow onto the paper. Continue exploring the answers for as long as it takes until you really FEEL you have found your passion.  You will know when it feels good.  Allow yourself the pleasure of exploring your imagination.

Once you know how to dream big, and define your passion, then you may begin researching what it is you need to know that will make you stand out as an individual.

We all have individual talents, dreams, aspirations, we just lose them along the journey of life.   We feel that we can be anything we desire.  There are no limitations. Limitations are placed upon us through failure to achieve our dream, or through the fear of failure.  People place limitations upon us by not believing in the impossible.  History proves that the impossible can and will be achieved if and when you stop allowing limitations to enter into the equation.

As the law of attraction states;  that which you focus upon, you will be attract.  Release the negative energy and fear, embrace optimism, remain focused, positive with a strong belief in your dream, and take the necessary actions to empower everything that is required to achieve your success.  Don’t give up, when adversity presents itself learn from it, challenge it and be grateful for the opportunity to learn from it. It has been said many times before that for every “no” you receive, you are that much closer to achieving the “yes”.  Each lesson we learn gives us more experience of what to do, or what not to do.  Mistakes are lessons in disguise.

When you find your passion, and have the idea for your niche, start exploring what is already known about this niche. Are there questions that may need answers you could provide?  Are there problems that you could give solutions for?  Are there areas untouched and unspoken that you would love to delve into?  Do you get excited thinking about the possibilities of providing the answers, solutions or in creating more questions?  Research, read, do whatever it takes to explore the opportunity.  You will know, deep within when you find your purpose.  You will have energy, ideas and inspiration that you won’t know where it has come from, other than your intuition providing you with the answers.

Now, go have fun with this, then come back and let me know what you discovered by leaving a comment.

Live in happiness and joy.

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