Letting The Ghosts Out Of The Closet

Letting the ghosts out of the closet

As a young child I learned how to block chapters of my life from my memory. Specific smells, sounds, or sights awaken those memories. The recesses of my mind were my closets where I could store what didn’t make me happy. This was a defense mechanism for living with a positive attitude.

Are you aware of having a storage space in your mind where you bury moments or memories you don’t want to face? I think most of us do. Often we shield ourselves sub-consciously in defense of pain or fear.

There is joy in getting older! As I age I learn to gradually let the ghosts out of my closet and open the door where secrets have been stored. I sit quietly, meditate or write as the pieces begin to fall out. As I recall a situation, which for whatever reason I chose not to remember, I take a new perspective and play with it. Gradually I make sense of what was too difficult to face as a child and appreciate each lesson for bringing me to my current wisdom. I then consciously choose to release each lesson or use it to empower myself more.

Passions I once buried because of limiting beliefs such as: I wasn’t good enough, wasn’t strong enough, or didn’t deserve what I wanted have recently surfaced. I now understand I have the ability to release those limiting beliefs and know that I am deserving of all I want.

Thoughts that it is selfish to go after what I wanted, allowed me to feel unworthy (I didn’t matter). Feelings created as a result of poor grades in school formed ideas that I wasn’t smart enough. The list goes on, but thankfully I have learned that I can do anything, be my authentic self and have what I want when I am willing to take necessary action to achieve it, and YOU CAN TOO!

My passions as a child are still passions I have, despite burying my desires for years. The dreams I once had are slowly developing and many have already been realized with my new found awareness.

• Did you allow an opinion or thought to stop you from going after what you wanted?
• What do you think would be different had you pursued your dream?
• How could you expand your dream and still go after it?
• Can you believe you are deserving?

Each time we suppress a dream or desire or set it aside we are allowing negative thoughts to control us. We discount our own passion because we feel undeserving or unable to achieve it.  We put our dreams, passions, desires, and wants into the closet and forget to open the door.

• Pursuing your passions and learning from your experiences is your “purpose”.
• You can expand your energy and ultimately the energy of the universe and BE more, HAVE more and DO more.
• If we aligned ourselves with one another positively just think of the possibilities!

Everything material exists because someone believed in their ideas and took action to achieve their success. They didn’t allow thoughts that it was impossible to enter their mind or stop them.

Passion is positive energy. It is energy, when allowed to flow freely, is inspiring. Positive energy generates feelings of happiness, enthusiasm, excitement and joy. Being in tune with your intuitive connection to source energy allows you to feel passionate. Having trust, faith, belief in yourself and perseverance keeps you grounded and aligned with your purpose.

You matter as an energetic being in the universe.

Have you ever been really excited about going somewhere, maybe a holiday, and you felt so energized you couldn’t sleep for days? When you talked to someone about your plans and what you hoped to do, your enthusiasm was contagious and others felt it.

The reverse is true too. If you share enthusiasm and plans with someone who tells you their story why the place you are going is dangerous and not worth the trip your passion moves down a notch. Suddenly your excitement dissipates, fear arises and now you dread leaving on that holiday. Only if you allow negative energy to enter your vortex can it lower your vibration!

Too often we invite negativity into our energy field. We open the door for negative energy and allow it to take hold of us. You can block limiting thoughts.

How different could your life be if you locked the door to negativity and opened the door of positive affirmations?

Every idea, thought, mental picture begins in your mind. How you choose to feel about it determines your “state of mind”. Your state of mind generates emotional feelings. How you act upon those feelings attracts beliefs associated with the thought. Mind to feelings back to mind and so on and so on. This can spin out of control OR spin a lifetime of happy memories.

Which would you rather have?

Allow the juices or electrical charges of your passion flow with positive energy. Connect your circuit to the “+” connection and only allow continuous positive energy to flow. Disconnect the “-“ charge and let it fizzle out. Feel the charge build and expand universally and live aligned with your passion.

Live with laughter, enthusiasm, joy and excitement and spread your energy.

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