How to get traffic to your blog

One of most important tools in doing business online is getting traffic to your blog. You can have the best copy write material and the most unique niche ever, but unless people are actually seeing and reading your blog posts what good is it?

I certainly don’t profess to be an internet guru and technology is not something that comes easily to me, that’s why for the past few years since I began marketing myself online I have relied heavily on those who do understand it. I realize I can’t do it all myself, but at the same time want enough know how to understand what I need and who can provide the best service for me.

Who you align with that resonates with you is essential in any business. After listening to thousands of hours of webinars with numerous internet companies, trainers, leaders and coaches I feel extremely confident in recommending specific programs to get any “newbie” started. Two of these leaders that have helped me considerably are “Raymond Fong and Fernando Ceballos” who I met at the “No Excuses Summit” recently in Las Vegas. For those of you starting out, one way of using back links is when you post an article anywhere on the net: social media sites, article marketing sites, through email, etc. you can insert a link that instantly takes your reader to a specific article on your own blog that details more of what you are telling them about. How to get back links – click here:

These links bring traffic to your blog where you can give them more information on who you are, what you do, why, and how they can get more value from you.

Back links should not be abused or over-used, but they are very important in holding your friends within your circle of influence. It is like having a conversation within a group and when you see someone becoming disinterested and about to walk away, and you want to keep them entertained, you quickly draw attention to them and ask a question to keep them engaged in what you are saying.

If it weren’t for my many tribes, groups, networking partners and communities of media acquaintances my list of contacts would be very minimal. Any business requires marketing and with the internet today it is not a matter of blasting ads or blatantly telling people what you sell, it IS about establishing relationships with people that resonate with what you offer, being authentic, honest and showing respect to build trust so your customers willingly spread your message.

Think of a business or retail outlet that you enjoy returning to and our a loyal customer of. Is it the service, the product or a combination of both that keeps you returning? I know I appreciate friendly, helpful and trust-worthy service over and above price. The get rich quick mentality never stays around long, and no matter what there product guarantee may be if they go out of business it means nothing.

So, if you are new to doing business online and you have a desire to be successful long term, able to hold your head high with pride because you know you have done business with integrity, my advice is to get aligned with the right people that stand behind, beside and with you all the way.

You are always welcome to leave your comments below, and if you have a question I’d be happy to hear it.
Wendy MacKay
Life/Business Coach “Igniting Sparks to fan flames of burning desires within”

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