How to create success

What does success mean to you?  Is it a dollar amount, how many clients you have, how many friends “like” you on social media platforms, the materialistic “toys” you have, the relationships you have with your family and friends?  What really matters to you?

Until you define success and your relationship with it you will never know how to achieve it.

Until you can effectively measure success you can’t know where you are on the journey of achieving it.

Too often we are hard on ourselves, especially as entrepreneurs.  We have a vision that is built upon comparisons.  We define our success by comparing to those we admire and perceive as being successful.

Your success needs to be specifically defined and measurable to be appreciated.  When you set small goals that are time specific and you can visually see or feel the accomplishment so you can appreciate the effort it took to achieve, then you are successful.

Success doesn’t necessarily need to be something big.  Baby steps and small accomplishments that took a conscious effort can be celebrated as a success.  When a baby turns over for the first time, gets on their knees and takes the first movement forward to crawl, gets up on their feet and takes one step forward, all these are success steps that parents are elated with.

If you feel defeated and are lacking self esteem try to begin setting small goals that are very specific and attainable. Journal your progress and appreciate even the hurdles that get in your way.  As you jump over each hurdle or work through a problem be grateful for the lesson it taught you.  Celebrate by giving yourself an affirmation and take even a moment to breathe in your accomplishment.  The more appreciation you give the better you feel.

Just over 2 years ago I didn’t know the difference between a blog or a website, facebook or twitter, and I had never heard of linkedin or many of the other social sites.  Gradually as I learned each skill, practiced it until it became habit I discovered more methods of perfecting what I was doing.  My learning continues, as does the introduction of new products online.  The fast pace of internet strategies can feel over whelming.  Every day something new is introduced toted to be the best tool ever and an absolute must to have in business in order to be successful.

If we don’t take a step back and analyze our success daily, weekly and monthly we can easily get mislead and find ourselves going in a completely different direction than we originally planned.  We lose the ability to measure our success because we are off track with our goals and big vision.

If you find yourself feeling discouraged and frustrated with your progress take the time to gain back your focus and re-create your goals.  Be specific, set a goal per day and find a way to stay consistent in working on those goals until you achieve them.  Celebrate the progress along the way and give yourself credit for the persistence.  Share your small successes with your network and appreciate the journey.

Without the journey there is no success.   When we reach our destination and appreciate the progress we achieve success.

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