Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Another year rolls around and the cooler evenings, changing colors of mother nature and the month of October remind us that Autumn is here and winter will soon be following.

There is a certain feeling of accomplishment and peace while putting the garden to rest and putting away the summer lawn furniture and ornaments.  The desire to bundle up in warm cozy sweaters and throw blankets while setting the fireplace for an evening of sparkle and warmth feels good.  As the days grow shorter relaxing evenings reading a book or watching a new show while cuddling up in the living room is comforting.

I am anticipating a big turkey dinner with all the trimmings while sharing time with my grown children when they visit for Thanksgiving this weekend.  It will be a time to bring out my preservatives from the garden’s harvest and enjoy a glass of Okanagan wine while catching up on each others news and sharing our plans for the rest of the year.

It is traditional holidays, creating lasting memories that fills my heart and allows me to appreciate my family.

How are you spending your Thanksgiving?  If you don’t have family nearby to share in the festivities think about organizing a day with friends who are also alone.  Perhaps you could consider volunteering at a soup kitchen where others appreciate a home-cooked meal, the energy is electrifying and the feeling of giving of yourself for others is why we celebrate holidays.  Get outdoors, take a walk in the fallen leaves  and enjoy the fresh Fall air.  Make a favorite recipe and take it to a senior who’s living alone. Call or email a friend you haven’t spoken with lately and catch up on their news. Go to the gym and work off some calories so you can eat more turkey.  Start a tradition of your own.

Whatever you decide to do, appreciate what you have and share with someone else what your gratitude is about.  As the law of attraction expands upon that which you focus on, be positive and attract more abundance into your life.

We have freedom that other countries and citizens can only dream of having.  We have an abundance of open land, parks, lakes, oceans, mountains and diversity like no other country.

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