Enjoy your work – it’s where you spend most of your time

If you aren’t doing what you love, chances are you aren’t as happy as you could be. I hear excuses of you have to take a job wherever you can get one in this economy, but is that true?

Perhaps earning an income comparable to your current job by doing what you love isn’t currently wise, but what can you be doing so you’re making progress to eventually do what you love full time. If you don’t start now, when will you?

Opportunities are plentiful! If you’re reading this article you have access to a computer. There is such an abundance of information online, and much of it at no cost, that you can learn about any subject. If you have a particular talent, interest, hobby or skill chances are there are many other people interested in the same topic.

Linkedin is a great social media platform to interact with like-minded professionals in all fields of work. Creating your own blog, facebook, twitter and many more. Don’t just spend time flitting around and investigating. Use your time wisely and learn what you need to learn so you can do what you love to do.

Your happiness should be your main focus. Without happiness you need to ask yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing, why you hang with people who don’t make you laugh and enjoy life, and what can you do about it?

If everyone were doing what they loved and still able to earn a living having what they want, wouldn’t it be a better World? Competition is healthy so we continue to learn. Contrast is necessary so we know what we want and don’t want. Decide today what you want and go after it.


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