Empowering Women to Happiness

When you’re happy and you know it, life is better. When you’re happy and you know it, you feel healthier. When you’re happy and you know it and you’re not afraid to show it, everyone around you feels better too!

All singing aside – when you feel happy you attract happiness all around you. In a World of depression, disease, unease and recession it IS the time to be happy.

  • Happier people are less likely to feel stressed, which means they are less likely to feel diseases related to stress.
  • Happier people have stronger immune systems because of the lack of stress and they are more likely to be exercising and eating healthy regular meals.
  • Happier people who are more active and smiling are more likely to secure a job.
  • Happier people have stronger and more loving relationships because they aren’t finding fault in everyone.

That’s not to say be in denial of what matters.  It is that when you are doing what you enjoy and feeling happy, willing to share your energy and enthusiasm with everyone around you, good things happen.

How do you get happy when you’re broke, unemployed and feeling alone?  Find one thing every day to do that allows you to feel just a little better.  Baby steps, like in so many great movies: “Rocky” with Sly Stallone 1976, “Forrest Gump” 1994, documentaries where you witness people who overcome HUGE adversary, like Rick Hansen and so many others.

As humans we say we want so much and wish for peace, love, hope and happiness when all we need to do is look around and grab it.

“Empowering Women to Happiness” has a short 10 week, one hour/week introductory course starting soon online which brings inspiration, laughter and ideas on exactly how to take those “baby steps”.  Wouldn’t you rather get involved in a movement with other women who are supportive, encouraging and sharing in fun, than watching some crime show on the television?

We laugh often, learn law of attraction processes that are inspiring and will set you on the path of feeling happier.

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