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Venice Beach


You’d think the Venice Beach was known more for the its beach since, you know, it’s part of the name, but Venice Beach is so captivating for its people. Its vibes are distinct than other SoCal beaches. I went and ended up catching these photos, and as you can see, was more interested in the Venice culture and people rather than the beach itself, though the sea isn’t a bad view to look at either.

IMG_7670 IMG_7673 IMG_7677IMG_7681IMG_7680IMG_7682


Playing Tourist: Old Town Pasadena


With the unofficial beginning of summer (I’m looking at you, Memorial Day weekend), comes all the other unofficial beginning of summer traditions. I’ve already eaten my fair share of cherries and Mexican frozen paletas. It’s looking like Los Angeles will have its first massive heat wave this week (100 degree high on Wednesday!) which of course means it’s time for all of us to start griping for Autumn. And, confession time, I already began listening to Christmas carols this week. Is it holiday season yet?

LA offers many shopping treasures in its many cities, one being Old Town Pasadena. It offers the feel of a charming small town shopping center, but with some big brand names. It has all the cute small coffee shops (try Intelligentsia!), and frozen treat stops you’d want, along with their Sunday farmers market, which actually features live music. Yes, I could’ve taken images of these more visually appealing sounding scenes, but for whatever reason I chose the “bricks and plants” route. I wish I could say I was surprised but I always somehow end up with s good share of bricks and plants photos. Go figure. So please, enjoy these bricks and these plants!


pasadena-5 pasadena-4



Around the World Inspired Outfits

Style can be universal. Great outfits can be spotted around the world, and many with similar tastes. This segment is meant to admire those great fashion gurus that live in different parts of the globe that would be worthy of any “street style” candid photo. I’ve researched a little bit more about trending or classic styles that are popular in the featured country, though like I stated before, these styles can be pulled off anywhere. First on the list is Kristin Sundberg who runs by Kiki from Gävle, Sweden.

Sweden Kiki
Jeans // Lace top // Sweater // Coat // Shoes

Classic minimalism is what you’ll find as a result in most searches of Swedish style. Little pops of texture give Kristin’s outfit some character, like the lace detail peeking from under her cream sweater, or the coat being sported on one arm. All around, it’s a balanced look that’s rooted within the Swedish locale. I was inspired by this outfit and found reasonably priced similar pieces from a variety of online shops, all linked above (bonus: the jeans, coat, and shoes are all on sale for under $25!).