Brain Breaks

Last week while sitting with my elderly mother who was watching ‘Dr. Oz‘ I was fortunate enough to watch ‘Goldie Hawn‘ who I’ve always admired talk about ‘happiness‘ and the importance of taking ‘brain breaks‘. The law of attraction works in amazing ways! I am in the process of releasing my new program with my business partner ‘Alexandria Barker’ called ‘Wishful Thanking – Discovering 7 Secrets to Happiness’.
I also attracted a connection on Linkedin with 2 coaches who graduated from the same coaching academy as I did. They are in the process of launching their ‘Happiness’ course, just as Alexandria and I are. All of this confirms that people are realizing the importance of feeling happy. After all why do we do what we do if it isn’t to feel happy, loved and appreciated?
What is it you feel overwhelmed with in your life?
With cell phones, social media and economic information over-load I believe, we as a society, are losing touch with simple pleasures that bring us happiness.
We all want to feel loved, appreciated, respected and hopeful. We want inspiring relationships that bring us happiness and love. We want to be appreciated for our hard work in our careers and to be compensated our labor. We want to enjoy good food, a home to call our own and people to share our life with. It all sounds simple, right? So why is there over 50% of marriages ending in divorce, unemployment and homeless people who have talent and integrity? Why are some of the wealthiest countries experiencing economic crashes when there is an abundance of resources and qualified people to work?
Why are so many so unhappy?
If you feel like you’re spinning around on a hamster wheel and afraid to jump off, or riding a roller coaster of emotions, STOP!×0.jpg
It’s so easy to get caught up in the RAT RACE of life! But, becoming aware you’re feeling overwhelmed is the first step to empowering yourself to take action.
Take control of your life. Decide what you WANT and begin to make the necessary changes to achieve your success.
Some steps you may want to consider:
Limit your time spent reading or sending emails – determine how much value you receive and whether the information you read is moving you towards your goals, then eliminate or ‘unsubscribe’ from distractions.
Schedule your time between personal & professional goals and stick to what you decide is most beneficial. Use your time wisely when necessary, but remember to allow for ‘down’ time.
Set daily intentions to focus on and stay focused.
Create incentives for yourself that inspire and motivate you for success.
Remember to appreciate even the smallest steps to success. Too often we forget to realize the progress we’re making, especially if we don’t journal our progress.
Share your goals with someone who is willing to encourage and hold you accountable to succeeding. Often in sharing the other person gives feedback and a different perspective that can support you.
Do activities that make you happy rather than just zoning out in front of the television set. Read books that inspire you, as well as teach you something about your topic of interest. Join local organizations where you meet new people and expand your circle of friends.
These are only a few suggestions. If you are interested in learning how to attract happiness and success while doing what you love to do, or are interested in discovering techniques that are proven to help join me on facebook or email me to inquire when the next ‘Wishful Thanking – Discovering 7 Secrets to Happiness‘ group starts.

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