Beginning an Online Business

If you are not technically savvy and up-to-date with the latest tools and widgets, beginning a business online can be extremely overwhelming and challenging. It’s easy to spend your fortune in training, let alone the time factor, and still not have the online presence required to monetize your products. So where do you begin?

I, for one have spent a considerable amount of money investing in what I believed was valuable information and training to qualify my online presence. I felt it worthwhile to be educated and informed so others would view me as reputable and knowledgeable to do business with. In the process of receiving training I began to realize that my investment was considerably more costly than anticipated . Also as a newbie to internet marketing it took consistency and a considerable amount of hours just studying what was new and effective. Online marketing of one’s self is a huge endeavor, and not for the part-time mind set or casual newbie.

If you are in the early stages, thinking of working from home or establishing a business to have additional income, my personal advice would be to do the research and interviewing of other entrepreneurs who are aligned with a similar concept or product before jumping into any specific courses, trainings or product purchases. Everything adds up quickly, and although you may be receiving valuable information that will serve you well in business, you may be spending considerable more time and money than originally anticipated.  The question is who or what plan?

That is where your research and knowing the right questions to ask is essential. Having a well laid out business plan, budget and vision of what you ultimately desire is crucial. Following one or two successful people aligned with your vision will be more beneficial than grabbing bits and pieces from many.

I have found being coached and paying for the expertise of someone who has been through the ropes keeps me more focused on my success and earning an income. Once business is booming there will always be new ideas and trying different tactics that work individually. As I have gone through the process I now feel confident what my strengths are and I can focus more on discovering the tools that work best to enhance and develop my own skills.

I have various back end products in which I promote because they have worked well for me. I choose to become an affiliate with what works for me so I have the added opportunity of earning a commission while promoting these products. This is a good additional income that I recommend to everyone. If you are happy with something you naturally want to tell others so why not earn a commission and pay wholesale rather than retail? Some of these products include: Prepaid Legal Services, My Video Talk, Amazon, Hostgator, Aweber and a few others. If you are interested in personal 1-on-1 coaching and feel ready to commit to your success I would be happy to have a consultation with you to see if we are a match. Check out my coaching programs.

You are welcome to take the slow route, possibly extremely expensive route of going it alone, or you can align yourself with entrepreneurs that have taken the walk and now know just how to guide you through the process from beginning to end. Yes, there are many courses available, and many plans out there, make an informed decision as to how and with who, you want to work together with.  Treat your online business as a part time hobby and you will have a short lived, limited income experience. My intention is to inspire entrepreneurs to live fully to their maximum potential in happiness, true health and financial freedom.

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