September Favorites


What’s scary about September passing by so fast, is that I know these next three months will go by much faster. With the holidays, family time, and endless Netflix binges, one can only do so much. There are a few items that make me enjoy the quick months a bit more, and this month I enjoyed some a bit more than others.


I’ve always hated those people that can go to sleep as soon as their head hits the people. I know hate is a strong word, but it’s the only one I can think of that properly describes the amount of jealousy I feel towards them. What typically helps me is having some sort of ritual before going to bed that calms me down. “Ritual” makes it seem like I perform witchcraft, and as much as wish I was a Hogwarts alumnus, all it entails is tea and reading. Usually I go for Sleepytime tea, but this past month I reached for chamomile tea instead. To be honest, this book is interesting but not particularly gripping for me, so it’s perfect to read before bed.


I always prioritize how hair care effects and treats me hair versus how it smells, but THIS SMELLS SO GREAT. Not that it doesn’t do well by my hair; its smell just overrules everything though. I actually look forward to lathering it in my hair while I shower and usually the only thing I look forward to showering is getting it over with. I’d describe it as not just having a coconut smell, but also something with a light tropical scent.


My beauty routine doesn’t deviate much. I like trying new products, but too often I feel indifferent towards actually trying too hard. I wanted to have a new moisturizer for the nighttime but unfortunately I hadn’t liked the previous two products I tried. I’ve read so many raves about oils and I was lucky when Sephora offered me a free product with the beauty points I’d gathered. I quickly grabbed an Josie Maran’s argan oil. I already know I’m going to have to purchase it once this smaller size runs out. It feels light on my face but takes away the dryness. It is oil, but my face is definitely not oily the next day.

I’ve also been loving Stila’s liquid eye liner. I used to always grab the drugstore kind, but I received this one as a gift. After a long while, it eventually ran out and after trying two different ones I used to buy from the drugstore, I realized I was getting more of my money’s worth with Stila.


I am so happy Mindy is back! So. Happy. Thank you Hulu and the TV gods for granting us with more Mindy amazingness. So far, I’m looking forward to this season and it seems that the writing is enjoying less censorship than it had with the network.

I’m surprised I didn’t already include things like the movie Hocus Pocus or Christmas carols since I’m more excited for these coming months. And so with tea, eye liner, and Hulu, let’s welcome October.


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