Month: April 2015

Science Just Can’t Make Up Its Mind


Here’s what irks me about the “facts” of life: they change. One minute the Earth is flat, the next the sun revolves around it, the next everything we know is actually wrong and we might as well admit we know nothing. If there is one thing discovered by Einstein that rings more true than any of his other magnificent findings, it the following quote:

“The more I learn, the more I realize I don’t know.”

And that quote is an ode to this post, a post to only three of the many, many strange things science just can’t decide on.

  1. Pluto Being a Planet
    Anyone else remember My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nine Pickles? This was one of the many mnemonics I used in elementary school to remember the order of something that was supposedly true, and in this case, it pertained to the order of the planets, and yes, pickles symbolized Pluto. PLUTO IS A PLANET PEOPLE. The debate is clearly ongoing as scientists wrestle with the rest of life’s monumental questions, like, for example, if Brontosaurus is a dinosaur.
  2. Brontosaurus Existing as a Dinosaur
    Now this one really bugged me. How could they forgo my entire childhood with Little Foot in The Land Before Time? Oh wait, never mind, it is a dinosaur again.
  3. Pregnancies Lasting 9 Months
    It’s common knowledge that human pregnancies last nine months, right? Then WHY is it actually closer to 10 months? Why do these alleged science people keep lying to us? I guess it’s not a huge deal, it’s just omitting an entire month of carrying around another human life. No biggie.

This is just a trio of things that shouldn’t be debatable, but clearly are. I’ll probably go and enjoy some ice cream now before those scientists decide that ice cream is not actually edible.


On Moving To A New City


I constantly feel bombarded with those “inspirational” posts. You know, those do something new, drink more water, stop eating processed food with artificial coloring and all things related to poison type of posts. Well, I was one of the few stupid ones that actually went along with them. Ugh, that’s right, I was one of those people. Horrible, I know.

I moved to a new city, and “moved” is still questionable. The thing is, sometimes only inspiration comes and actually doing the feat doesn’t come. And you think, well maybe if you’d only go through with it, you could feel accomplished afterwards. The few times I’ve done something like this, it’s quite the opposite. It’s pretty terrifying the whole way through.

I thought I’d feel more settled after graduating college, and that was the point that I felt most clueless, even with a degree. I’ve taken the leap and am trying out a new city with new people. I guess I should be happy about pushing new boundaries, but being in my twenties and in that constant state of uncertainty doesn’t help. Also, I don’t know where to get the good coffee in this place. Feeling lost and without caffeine is not a good combination.

Are You a Good Liar?


I was listening to this podcast and one certain trick caught my attention: telling a good liar from a bad liar. It’s simple. Try it, or ask your friends and see which ones are more prone to telling believable lies.

So how does it work? Hold your dominant hand up and draw a capital Q on your forehead. That’s it. You’re done.

Now, did you draw the tail of the Q towards your right or left shoulder? Drawing the tail towards the right shoulder indicates that you’re a low self monitor, or, you guessed it, a bad liar. However, drawing the tail towards the left shoulder shows a high self monitor, also known as a good liar. This way, the person facing the drawer can see the letter Q. These high self monitors are better at observing others and more aware at how others perceive them. Also, according to Business Insider, they’re more likely to be extroverts.

Where’d you land on the good liar test? I, myself, am a bad liar, which is both true on this test and in the real world.