Around The Web: Favorite Holiday DIYS


There’s officially less than a week left until Christmas day! I can’t believe my holiday shopping is done, though I still want to make a little more DIY gifts. Don’t get me wrong, I love DIYs, but so many are popping out nowadays that it’s getting to be more difficult to find the ones that look better than anything you could actually purchase. Here, I’ve rounded up my favorite ideas that don’t require too much planning.

Amy from Homey Oh My! created this DIY Tinsel Pom Pom Gift Topper. It honestly seems like the easiest thing to pull off, and will most likely result in having the cutest wrapping for presents. Wish I’d seen it before I wrapped mine!

So this isn’t exactly a DIY, as I took the image from a shopping site, but it’s pretty self-explanatory. I’ll probably make some similar to these this week. I’m actually a little resentful of finding this image as I want some of these right now.

I’m totally jealous of the genius that thought of this camera strap DIY. Probably going to do this for myself instead of as a gift (pros of being done with holiday shopping already).

So excited for this coming week! Here are more images of what it looks like around here lately.




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