Monday Musings: The Act of Doing


It’s so easy to get used to something. Used to the feel of clothes against my skin. Used to feeling comfortable. Used to being mediocre. Something can only remain new for so long.

It’s a Monday today. I’m quite used to Mondays. The beginning of a new week. I’ve decided that this week is a cause for routines and new habits.

Inspiration can only last so long. It’s what gets you started, but routine is what keeps you going (hopefully all the way to the end). So this week, I’ll stick to that routine – a routine of doing.



  1. Even if I don’t like the idea of a routine (which can make your life boring after a time), I realised that I feel better about myself and I am way more productive when I stick to a certain schedule during the week. I would call that “organisation”, I prefer ! 😉


  2. Greg: is tempered glass required? Why not acrylic? It's lighter, safer, more resistant to shattering, though it does need a UV protective coat. Depending on where the panels are installed (and how they are cleaned), a very thin sheet might suffice.And whatever we do on the scale of our national energy consumption, it's going to be big, and engineered to a faehwtre–ell. Ultimate efficiency might take a backseat to up-front capital costs. I'm amused at the idea of a windshield shortage, if solar ramps up anywhere near that much.

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